Cramping or urgency is a common IBS symptom in all forms of IBS. Cramping can range from mild to intense. Mild cramping may mimic the need to use the bathroom while intense cramping can cause muscles in your body to ache or put you into cold sweats. Cramping can be a symptom of the need to use the restroom, but sometimes cramping occurs without the need to relives oneself & it eventually passes.

Urgency is the intense urge to use the restroom immediately. This usually involves the feeling of intense pressure build up behind the anal sphincter & may also lead to spasms of the sphincter & cramping. Usually urgency is only relived by having a bowel movement. The feeling of urgency can be misleading as the bowel movement causing it can be quite small.

Treating IBS cramping & urgency may be helped by anti-diarrhea or anti-spasmodic medication, fiber, anti-gas medication, fennel or peppermint.