Getting the nerve to contact your doctor and deal with the medical system can be tough. It is important that you remain confident in your goal towards getting an accurate diagnosis. Some people have very good doctors, while other doctors are less than satisfactory. Some doctors can become offended when you bring up something they have not heard of before or if you appear to be more knowledgeable than they are.

If you feel you have poor communication with your doctor regarding your concerns, don’t hesitate to drop them. You do not owe loyalty to someone who is inept or uncaring to your plight. I myself dealt with a doctor who thought my symptoms were all in my head, that my job was too stressful. Despite the fact that I had dealt with IBS Symptoms for ten years, he discounted it to a job I had only had for about a year and a half. During that time I was actually suffering from an ailment known as Gastroparesis, which intensified my symptoms & eventually caused my health to deteriorate greatly.

The medical community really let me down. The only person who did anything was my Gastroenterologist & he himself was rather distant and uncaring. I even went to see another Gastroenterologist who was literally hostile to my desire to get a second opinion and quickly whisked me back out the door. Luckily my condition improved after a few months, which I attribute mainly to B vitamins, apple sauce & Rice Krispie treats.

The main idea here is to not be belittled by a person who’s ego needs to be stroked at the cost of your health. You know your body & if something doesn’t seem right or you don’t feel you’re getting the care you deserve, walk away and find someone else who you can connect with better.