IBS symptoms vary by their type, intensity & duration. Some people experience short term IBS flares while others experience more chronic IBS symptoms. Those who experience chronic IBS symptoms may also be susceptible to IBS flare-ups as well.

IBS symptoms may be brought on or intensify due to the food you eat, illness, stress or even weather. What with there being so many things that can cause IBS symptoms, it can make it hard to narrow down the exact cause. Sometimes IBS symptoms are brought on just because of IBS. That’s it. There will be instances where there is nothing that can be done to prevent an IBS flare-up or attack. This is important to realize so that people aren’t always blaming the person with IBS for their IBS symptoms.

IBS symptoms can vary from day to day, week to week, month to month, season to season. Some days you may find that your IBS symptoms are not that bad while other days your IBS symptoms may flare-up with great intensity. Some with IBS may notice patterns of no or lowered intensity IBS symptoms, followed by higher intensity symptoms, eventually reverting back to lowered intensity IBS symptoms.