On this website you will find out about both the physical symptoms & pyschological impacts of IBS. You’ll learn how to talk to your doctor about IBS & about the diagnostic tests you should request. I’ve included a wealth of information on typical treatment options such as diet, medications, probiotics & meditiation as well as alternative or experimental treatments such as hypnotherapy, bacteriotherapy or helminthic therapy.

As someone who has battled with IBS for 14 years, I know the hardships it can bring a person. That is why I’ve created this guide, so that I can share the information I’ve learned as well as the information I am still learning. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is starting to get more notice & as new developments emerge I will continue to update this guide.

Hopefully this guide will help with your IBS & maybe give you some new options as far as treating IBS & reclaming your life.