Ginger is a spicy tasting root like vegetable. Not only is it’s flavor powerful, it’s also been known for it’s ability to aid in digestion & help with nausea. There are many different ways you can take ginger such as in teas, candies, soups or drinks.

It’s much easier these days to find all sorts of teas that contain ginger in them. There are some teas specifically designed to aid digestion, while other teas may not directly focus on being a digestive aid, but may help. Try different brands and see which one helps.

One of my favorite  ways to eat ginger is via  Ginger People’s Ginger Chew’s. They are chewy ginger rectangles that pack a pretty big ginger kick. You might be able to find them locally at a Trader Joe’s.

You may also try incorporating ginger into an Asian style soup. Take some chicken broth, miso(fermented soy paste), grated ginger, garlic & five-spice then add some vegetables such as mushrooms, carrot, cabbage, bok choy. You could also add some noodles if you like. Put everything in a pot and boil until the vegetables are tender or the noodles are done.

Ginger Ale is another option. It’s important to know that most mass marketed versions of Ginger Ale have very little actual ginger content. If you’d like to drink a ginger ale for digestive benefit, then look for a drink that is in a glass bottle & possibly sold in the health food section of your local supermarket.

Ginger can help with IBS symptoms such as nausea, cramping & bloating.