Marijuana is a leafy plant that has many different chemical properties to it which have been used recreationally & medicinally for centuries. Marijuana is illegal in many countries, however in some of those countries laws have been enacted that allow for the medicinal use of marijuana.

The main features of marijuana that may interest someone dealing with IBS symptoms are it’s ability to increase appetite while reducing nausea, pain & anxiety. Marijuana’s main chemical component is called Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC for short. Research has shown that THC can act as a powerful anti-inflammatory. Researchers have been able to extract THC from the marijuana plant. THC extract has been given the trade names of Dronabinol or Marinol. These extracts are not widely available though due to the legal status of marijuana.

In the USA there are 15 states(and DC) that allow for some form of medicinal marijuana use. Usually this requires the patient to obtain a license from the state they reside in. To obtain this license the patient will usually be required to have a medical doctor fill out a form confirming their illness would benefit from the use of medical marijuana. The patient is then able to grow their own plants or obtain marijuana through a dispensary. Patients need to stay current on the laws regarding the use of marijuana for their illness or else they may find themselves in legal trouble.