Helminthic Therapy for IBS

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Helminthic therapy is the treatment of diseases via helminths, i.e. parasitic worms. It is considered an immunotherapy that has been used to treat diseases like Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis & Celiac Disease as well as common allergies. It is also a possible treatment for IBS. Continue reading “Helminthic Therapy for IBS” »

Bacteriotherapy for IBS

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Bacteriotherapy, which is also known as fecal transplantation, is the process of taking the stool from one person’s digestive system and implanting it into another person’s digestive system. This may sound strange, but fecal transplantation is providing relief for many people with digestive problems like IBS. Continue reading “Bacteriotherapy for IBS” »

IBS Medications

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There are many medications on the market which may help with a variety of IBS symptoms. Used in conjunction with natural remedies and/or diet changes, they may allow you to manage your IBS symptoms better. Continue reading “IBS Medications” »

IBS and Fitness

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Getting some form of physical exercise is still important when dealing with IBS. Exercise promotes blood flow & helps remove toxins from the body. Movement also will help the gut remove gas, reducing bloating. Continue reading “IBS and Fitness” »

Psychological IBS Treatments

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Scientific research has shown that the brain & the digestive system are linked via numerous neurological & chemical pathways. Due to these pathway connections the brain can have a powerful effect on the digestive system as well as visa versa with the digestive system having a powerful effect on the brain.

Those with IBS are often found to have not just physical symptoms, but psychological symptoms as well. These symptoms are usually anxiety, panic attacks & depression. In some cases people with IBS had these psychological symptoms before they developed IBS, while others develop them after IBS symptoms appear.

In some cases someone’s state of mind can play a heavy part regarding the severity of their IBS. Does this mean that IBS is a disease entirely in someone’s head? No! In some cases psychological treatments are very effective in helping to moderate IBS symptoms or even cure IBS altogether. Not everyone has IBS symptoms for the same reasons & not everyone will benefit from psychological treatment.

Psychological treatments that have helped some people with IBS are Counseling, Medication, IBS Support Groups, Hypnotherapy for IBS & Meditation.

Herbal IBS Treatments

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Ginger is a spicy tasting root like vegetable. Not only is it’s flavor powerful, it’s also been known for it’s ability to aid in digestion & help with nausea. There are many different ways you can take ginger such as in teas, candies, soups or drinks. Continue reading “Herbal IBS Treatments” »

Digestive Enzymes for IBS

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Digestive enzymes are proteins that have the function of breaking down different types of food matter. Different types of digestive enzymes work on different types of food matter. Continue reading “Digestive Enzymes for IBS” »

IBS Vitamin Treatments

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Vitamins & minerals are essential to living healthy lives. There are some vitamins that may be beneficial to those suffering from IBS. Keep in mind that some people have a sensitive stomach which vitamin supplements can upset. If you do not notice improvement of your symptoms within a few weeks or your symptoms noticeably get worse, stop taking the the supplement. Continue reading “IBS Vitamin Treatments” »

IBS Probiotic Treatments

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Probiotics are healthy bacteria that live in your gut. They help with food digestion as well as fend off invading bacteria that could make you ill. If the probiotics in your digestive system become depleted then you may experience IBS symptoms. Taking a probiotic supplement may help restore the healthy probiotics back to your gut & perhaps improve or cure your symptoms. Continue reading “IBS Probiotic Treatments” »

IBS Diet Treatments

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Diet is a very important aspect of anyone’s life & it’s especially important for people who suffer from IBS. Many people who suffer with IBS have ‘trigger foods’ which cause symptoms to occur or worsen. Avoiding trigger foods & trying hard to follow basic eating guidelines will usually help with IBS symptoms, this includes chewing your food completely & not overeating. The easier you make it on your digestive system, the less likely you’ll have an adverse reaction. Continue reading “IBS Diet Treatments” »

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