Jasper Lawrence is the founder of Autoimmune Therapies. After reading about helminthic therapy on the internet he decided to try it himself as a way to resolve his very severe nasal & sinus allergies. Having trouble getting any research institute or medical lab to provide him with the hook worms he decided to go to a village in Africa & infect himself. The hook worms were a resounding success for him, relieving his allergies entirely. He decided to setup a business around selling the hookworms to other people who he felt could benefit. Despite having precautions in place & hookworm infections being very treatable, the US Food & Drug Administration threatened to & eventually did shut him down. Facing the shutdown he decided to leave the USA & relocate his business so he could continue to sell the hookworms.You can hear him discuss his story on the NPR radio show Radio Lab.

If you’re interested in obtaining hook worms from him keep in mind that hook worms cannot be sent to the USA, you must have a doctor who agrees to treat you if have a negative reaction to the hook worms & the treatment is expensive.