Helminthic Therapy for IBS

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Helminthic therapy is the treatment of diseases via helminths, i.e. parasitic worms. It is considered an immunotherapy that has been used to treat diseases like Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis & Celiac Disease as well as common allergies. It is also a possible treatment for IBS. Continue reading “Helminthic Therapy for IBS” »

Bacteriotherapy for IBS

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Bacteriotherapy, which is also known as fecal transplantation, is the process of taking the stool from one person’s digestive system and implanting it into another person’s digestive system. This may sound strange, but fecal transplantation is providing relief for many people with digestive problems like IBS. Continue reading “Bacteriotherapy for IBS” »

IBS Medications

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There are many medications on the market which may help with a variety of IBS symptoms. Used in conjunction with natural remedies and/or diet changes, they may allow you to manage your IBS symptoms better. Continue reading “IBS Medications” »

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