Self-esteem can be diminished greatly due to the fact that IBS can be isolating. Most people do not enjoy talking about their bowel habits with others. It can be very hard to broach this subject with family, friends or even your doctor. People dealing with IBS usually don’t know what they’re dealing with until the problem starts to greatly interfere with their life, by slowly cutting them away from the things they liked to do.

Outside pressures from work or family & friends such as missing appointments or “flaking out” on friends due to digestive problems can lead to further self-loathing. Usually the sources of outside pressure are NOT understanding of the conditions facing the IBS sufferer. In many cases the Irritable Bowel Suffer will be reprimanded for missing work deadlines/work itself or missing appointments, while on the social side the sufferer may experience guilt trips or hostility from family or friends who do not understand the unique situation the sufferer is in. This only leads to further feelings of failure and lowered self-esteem or depression.