In some situations IBS alone or IBS combined with other disabilities may prevent you from working. If this is the case then your best line of action is to file for Social Security Disability. The unfortunate thing about Social Security Disability is that most people who apply are initially denied and it may take years, as well as going to court, to finally ensure your disabled status. Disability will allow you to receive a meager income & health insurance, however it is better than being homeless without any insurance. This may also allow you to focus on your health and perhaps you may even recover enough to return to the workforce someday.

There are many law firms who will work for payment at time of disability award. Beware that some law firms are dishonest & may have you agree to paperwork, then do nothing, only to demand payment when you finally get your award due to your own hard work or some other law firm doing the work. Be sure to check the internet for reviews regarding any law firm you’re thinking of using.