If you feel confident in your doctors abilities, then you may form a partnership towards different remedies for your IBS. However in some cases many doctors know how to diagnose, but not how to treat. There are drugs on the market that can help people greatly with IBS & if your doctor recommends you one, you can certainly try it. However drugs aren’t for everyone, nor are they truly always the answer. Most drugs offered for IBS aren’t officially targeted towards IBS, they are mainly drugs meant to suppress the symptoms of IBS. There are many anti-diuretics & laxatives available. A common suggestion by doctors is to eat more fiber & get exercise, which are really just general nutrition facts that they give out to everyone. In many cases you may just need to rely on your doctor for a diagnosis & then try to use self-help techniques.

There are some rare doctors out there who really take their patients well being into consideration and are willing to travel along with the patient on the IBS journey. But again, you may have someone who will put their hands in the air, write an antidiarrheal prescription and send you on your way, case closed without really understanding or caring that you may have a lifelong road ahead of you.