When you finally wake up, you’ll more then likely find yourself in a recovery area to deflate. I do mean that literally. In order to access your lower bowel they inflate them with air, just like how you get gassy & fart. The same thing will be happening as the pockets of air leave your bowels. The staff are trained professionals & it’s a good sign if you’re farting out the air, so feel free to do so. You’ll probably be too sleepy to really even care that you’re farting.

You may have the urge to have a bowel movement. Depending on if biopsies were taken, you may discharge blood. It is doubtful you’ll actually have any solid stool. More than likely you’ll be dealing with blood, air & medical lubricant. If you are concerned about these excretions it would be best to let a nurse know and they can relay it to the doctor. It is usually normal for there to be some blood discharged. It should go away on it’s own. You may also have dark black tarry stools in the day or two following the procedure. This again is normal occurrence, the dark color is caused by blood and bile making the stool a deep black. This should go away as well. Again talk to your doctor if you have major concerns.

Depending on how things went, you might be feeling really hungry or ready to go home and crash. Heed your doctors advice for when to start eating again. Also note it may take your doctor a few days to a few weeks to process & analyze your results. If there was something dire or life threatening that they saw, they would let you know immediately.

It may be a tough task, but at least you’ll have the hardest diagnostic test out of the way & at least some peace of mind once the results come back.