When you show up to the hospital or digestion center to have the procedure you’ll get checked in & there might be paper work to sign. You may get one of those nifty bracelets with your name on it. Your doctor should be there and will probably meet with you ahead of time in the pre-op(operations) area. You’ll need someone to come with you who can be responsible for you because you may be disoriented after the procedure due to sedation.

When the time comes to start the procedure, you’ll be wheeled into the operating room where all the gadgets are. I am not really a fan of these places, hospital instruments can be somewhat scary. Relax though, take a deep breath. Think happy thoughts and before long you’ll be sedated or put under anesthesia.

If you’re having an EGD done as well, the doctor may spray your throat with a numbing solution. Doesn’t taste that great and may not help a whole lot.

You’ll more than likely be introduced to the staff who will be helping your doctor with the procedure. If you have concerns that you will be conscious at any part during the procedure, let it be known. You can tell the Anesthesiologist to make sure you’re out cold. I at first thought they had put the sedating drugs in my IV before wheeling me into the operating room. I was very wrong because the Anesthesiologist let me know when they were putting the drugs into my IV line & it was very obvious that my eyes were not going to stay open very long once that happened.

I do not remember much of the procedure. I do remember gagging somewhat when having my EGD done. Also I remember some pressure and bloated feelings while the colonoscopy was going on. If you feel that you are waking up or you are in discomfort make it known. Grunt or make some noise and they will put more drugs in your line to knock you back out. That may make it sound worse than it was, but keep in mind, of a 45 minute procedure I remember maybe 45 seconds of discomfort. Before I knew it, I was trying to open my eyes in the recovery area(though failing initially because the sedation made me feel so tired).

The actual procedure itself was nothing compared to the hours of preparation I had done before.