There is no positive identification on what causes IBS. Many people have reported suffering from IBS after digestive infection such as the stomach flu or food poisoning. Others after large bouts of stress or anxiety. Some are born with symptoms starting from birth, others develop symptoms later on in life, possibly after some sort of trauma to the gut.

Some of the theories for why people get IBS are:

  • Trauma from infection due to viruses, bacteria or parasites. E.g. Stomach Flu or Food Poisoning.
  • Food allergies or intolerance. E.g. Celiac Disease(wheat gluten intolerance) or Yeast Allergies.
  • Psychological reasons. E.g. Anxiety or Depression.
  • Physical problems – E.g. Gallbladder Disease or Autoimmune Disorders.

One key thing to remember is that there currently isn’t any one confirmed reason why people develop IBS.